What is FilmVice?

FilmVice is not an ordinary social media app.

FilmVice is a VERY unique app that hosts videos, photos and articles of everyday people…..from a parallel universe.

FilmVice is the first and ONLY platform that connects your device to a parallel universe known as “The Atlas Rift.” However, the time continuum is bent through the device connection meaning you’ll be viewing videos, photos and articles that happened in the future. 43 Days in the future to be exact.

Our Proprietary Technology

Our scientists have discovered a radio beam emission coming from ~4.2 light years away from Earth while observing a section in the Milky Way Galaxy. After 13 months of decoding the signal, our scientists detected a pattern that could be translated in 1’s and 0’s (computer compiling language).

With this pattern we recently discovered a highly complex algorithm that taps into radio waves 20-30~km above the surface of the Earth. In combination with our proprietary technology, we can now use our cell phones to mimic this highly complex radio wave pattern, which ultimately connects you through to a parallel Universe – “The Atlas Rift.”

A “rift” is a void or gap in space, time or physical structure. We discovered the path through The Atlas Rift is a space where no light exists (similar to the Event Horizon of a black hole). So the only key to access the other side is through our complex radio wave pattern emitted from your device. The wave signal is bent (read: “bending light”) through an area 20-30~km from the surface of the Earth. From there, the signal channels an emission/reception exchange where we can get a visual and audio representation of The Atlas Rift.


As more people cross over to this parallel Universe, more people, known as “Alphas,” start to appear on the platform. You can discover amazing video and impressions (photos) of the Alphas on the platform. You can also read “Visions” (like Magazine articles) as more Alphas are discovered and observed.

If you want to appear on FilmVice, please go to Account > Be Discovered.