What is FilmVice?

FilmVice is the NEW, first and only, alternate reality platform that allows you to create a new variant of yourself. We’re making films of the future where you can play as anyone you want to be. We provide a full spectrum production service that includes professional film production, photography, scripting, directing all while exclusively broadcasting you on our platform.

Our iOS and Android app is ready for launch this year!

Our Roku app is also ready for launch this year. You can find it right next to the Netflix and Hulu apps when it’s on the Roku Store.

Our global audience reach is in the millions.

YES your views are displayed on the app and fans will follow your Channel!

Our production team creates a Channel for you on our platform where your photos, videos and articles are hosted for everyone to see.

Each time someone views one of your impressions, visions, videos or your Channel, it’s counted and displayed. Fans can also follow your channel.

Alphas? Impressions? Visions?

Alphas are those of you who join the platform. Anyone featured on FilmVice is dubbed an “Alpha.”

Impressions are photos, but they’re alternate reality photos. Each channel showcases multiple impressions for the world to see.

Visions are short stories or articles about Alphas. Kind of like a magazine article. Visions usually come with one or more impressions.


Want to try it out? Limited spots left.

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