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Calling all videographers & photographers!

We need your video/photo talent!

We are looking for talented videographers, photographers and writers that can create amazing EXCLUSIVE content for our app.

What is FilmVice?

FilmVice is the name of a brand new video streaming/photo platform. It’s been built for iPhone, Android and Roku and it currently in the BETA phase, but we need amazing content to fill it before we launch it. Think of it as a hybrid mix between Netflix, Instagram and People Magazine. The unique idea for the app is to mix a video streaming service with photos and magazine style articles of every day people.

The end client are those who wish to gain more exposure through the platform – aspiring models, artists, musicians, actors etc. They contract with us to have their own “Channel”. Their FilmVice Channel hosts their Videos they appear in, their exclusive photos and magazine style articles. Our app displays their views, followers/”fans”, likes and comments.

This isn’t a typical “social media” website/app because the content is NOT end-user generated (like facebook, snapchat, tiktok etc). We approve and generate all the content and broadcast it through the app including on all ROKU devices (like Netflix and HULU do).

What’s in it for You?

You should be making a living using the talent you have and that’s what we’d love to help you do. What we’re looking for is EXCLUSIVE and APPROVED videographers and photographers that can create content for FilmVice. You can choose your own schedule.

We are only looking for one reliable vendor per area. Clients that approach us that want to appear on the platform will have to be filmed/photographed by an approved vendor – YOU! The client pays you directly when they book with you. This is not a W2 employment opportunity as you will not be receiving payment from FilmVice, but directly from the clients we refer to you. You will be an independent, approved contractor/vendor/content contributor to FilmVice.

As things progress, we will be shuttling more work your way as the demand grows. We like to recommend pricing options for this type of work so please send over what you think you’d charge someone to do this type of work. It’s ok to offer free collaborations with your clients as well if you’re just getting started.

In conclusion, we plan on continuing our relationship with you as a content contributor. You’ll be getting paid for your video and photo work directly from the client. You’ll receive full credit in the credits section of each video or photo you provide. It will become an amazing portfolio as well for your future!

We know there are a lot of videographers and photographers out there, but we’re only looking to approve 1 in your immediate area. Once the spot is filled, we might not have another opening for a long time if ever because we want to stick to a small vendor list.

What we are looking for


After months of intense research and studies, we found the exact type of content people are most interested in consuming.

We are looking for videographers that can create CINEMATIC style videos that are exactly 3 minutes long. HUGE bonus if you have any special VFX experience that you can add to your work (green screen is great as long as it is top quality). So far, we’ve found that 3 minutes was the ideal time of viewer engagement to start with. Film lengths may shorten or extend depending on feedback from users after launch.

We are looking for these ultra-short films to be any type of EXCITING, epic, scary, ominous, sexy, inspiring, DRAMATIC, mind-bending, futuristic or shocking vibe. The films are not required to have a scripted dialogue. Royalty free music over the top of the entire film can work too! We highly encourage some small scripted dialogue or scene sound without any music as well. Get creative, Get edgy, Think Cinematic Always!

The videos are NOT to be “fail videos”, prank videos, selfie videos, pure comedy, cat videos or tiktok type videos. Again, think cinematic and out of the box.

Feel free to send over examples you’ve done that might fit close to this. It doesn’t have to be exact, just something so we can see your style.

We need to be upfront that it is NOT a guarantee that all of your films you submit to us will be approved to be aired. If your film is rejected, we will let you know why and what edits can be done in order for it to be approved. We have very strict broadcasting guidelines to adhere to. The client will be aware of this prior to booking with you.


We want our platform to REALLY stand out! We want to be known for providing the most dramatic and creative shots for our users. Here are some examples for the types of video and photography we’re looking for. The video is not in 2.35:1 because they’re just examples that show 3D animations, quick clips of individuals (DJ’s for a show promo in this video), transitions etc:

We are looking to have each Client have a minimum of 2-4 photos to start on their Channel so a photo shoot that can produce at least 2-4 quality pics like the examples would suffice. After that, the client can choose to pay for one photo at a time depending on your pricing and schedule of course.

Photos must be in 4:3 aspect ratio as this is the ratio needed to fit within our app. So please remember your framing during your shoot.

Video specifications

Due to App Store and Google Play rules: No nudity (ask if you need further clarification), no pornography, no racist messages, no hate speech, no advertisements (the video can’t be a sales pitch for clothing/products etc), PG-13 and under would be ideal, but Rated R / TV-MA is ok.

Original media must be shot in at least 4k. Final aspect ratio MUST BE 2.35:1 for cinematic feel so make sure you’re framing your shots with this crop factor in mind. Note: DO NOT ADD PNG overlays for faking letter boxes because they are not true black and will pixelate on some devices/TVs (especially streaming). Please set your project in your editor to a 2.35:1 ratio so the device can handle the true letter box.

Video must be sent in both MP4 and MOV format.

Videos must be fully edited and ready to upload. You’ll be provided with upload links.

Photo specifications

Photos must be delivered in 4:3 ratio, fully edited to your best ability.

Due to App Store and Google Play rules: No nudity (ask if you need further clarification), no pornography, no racist messages, no hate speech/lettering, overly offensive wording, no advertisements (the video can’t be a sales pitch for clothing/products etc).

Wrapping things up!

If this is something that you’re interested in please do not wait! We’re ready to launch NOW with amazing vendors like you! There is no cost to you. Fill out the form below to get started with the approval process. If you have more questions, please email me directly: [email protected]

After the initial form has been filled out, I’d like to arrange a phone call or Zoom meeting to officially meet and talk more about this awesome opportunity.

Best regards,

Brandon James
Executive Producer – FilmVice

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