Payout Dates

Payout Dates

How Payouts Work

In order to get Paid from FilmVice, you must have a valid Paypal Account. We distribute funds through Paypal only. We do not mail paper checks. You will not be able to post content for sale without one, so please keep your Paypal account current.

When a user buys your content on FilmVice, the payments occur as “in-app purchases” through Google Play or Apple. This is much different from website type purchases. In-app purchases are withheld and distributed by Apple or Google Play on specific payout dates.

We have no control over the estimated payout dates coming from Google or Apple, which could be 35-45 days after a previous sales period, including transfer processing time.

How much do I get paid?

$0.34 every time a user unlocks a piece of your content. Users can unlock your content by spending “vChips”. vChips can be thought of like credits or tokens. Users buy the vChips and then spend them on your content. The price of vChips can fluctuate through promotion sales and bulk discounts etc. Google and Apple keep 30% of all sales, but regardless, you’ll be making $0.34 every time a user unlocks a piece of your content.

Example: Your content was unlocked 50,000 times in the month of January. Your payout will be $17,000 for the month of January, which is paid out to you on April 1. (see pay periods below)

How much is it to unlock my content?

All content costs at least 1 vChip to unlock. We’ll automatically show your best selling content to users who are most likely to unlock it. Your locked content is blurred out until it is unlocked. Once it’s unlocked, the user can view the original image. There is currently no way for Creators to set their own vChip pricing.

Pay Periods Example

Any sales that you make in the Month of January (Jan 1 – Jan 31) are paid out to you on April 1. Again, we have no control over the distribution of funds coming from Apple and Google. If you consistently makes sales every month, you can expect payment every month after your first official payout.

Payout Dates 2023 – These are subject to change