New Product Requests

In order to control the quality of our content on FilmVice, we must manually approve any photo or video considered for broadcasting. This helps maintain quality engagement for our paid customers.

Photos requirements:

  • Not blurry, poorly framed, out of focus or less than 1000×1000 pixels in size
  • Recommended! Taken and edited by a professional photographer
  • You should be the only person in the photo
  • Photo must be in Portrait Orientation only. NOT in landscape orientation.

There is a one-time processing and broadcast fee for each image you upload.

We ask for a processing fee because our team works hard during the approval and upload process to the platform for content quality control and broadcasting efforts.

Our image process:

  • Optimize images (resizing for optimal content delivery across networks, touchup, editing, light adjustment, cropping and other general edits as necessary)
  • Adding new photos to the front of the main page (positioning is not guaranteed, but new photos are always placed up front)
  • Manual placement of your photo on your FilmVice Profile (under “Impressions”)
  • Broadcasting and promoting of the additional photo

Not to mention we will be promoting and advertising your content to users, which comes with a cost.

Image Processing & Broadcasting Fee is $12/photo.

Your card on file will only be charged after we approve each image. You’ll receive a receipt in an email once the order has been completed on our end.

Upload up to 3 images at a time. Please be patient and wait for a “Success” message after submitting.

By clicking Purchase, you are agreeing to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and authorizing FilmVice to charge your card on file for the amount of $12.00 per image uploaded. You will not be charged if the image isn't approved and there are no refunds after we approve each image.

If there is nothing here you might not have a paid membership plan yet. Only available for Paid Memberships. Please go to “My Account” and choose a plan to get started.