How to make money on FilmVice

How to make money on FilmVice

How to make money on FilmVice

FilmVice designed an app specifically for selling premium content.

How to make money on FilmVice

You’re here because you’re looking to make a living through social media with your premium content. Congrats! You’ve come to the right place. FilmVice designed an app with a special algorithm and AI technology that helps content creators, like you, sell your work. Think of FilmVice like Content Marketplace where users can unlock (buy) premium photos and videos from their favorite creators.

FilmVice was designed with YOU in mind

FilmVice is one of the first apps that is designed for the sole purpose of helping you make money. Users can support their favorite creators by unlocking your content with “vChips” (credits). A “vChip” is the currency used on FilmVice; think of a vChip like a token or credit. Your premium content is blurred out and locked until the buyer unlocks the content with vChips. Once unlocked, the user has full access to that specific piece of content.

Setting up is easy

Setting up a FilmVice account is super easy and only takes a few minutes. There are no fees to join.

  • Download the FilmVice app
  • Log in / Sign up with an email/password
  • Go to “My Creator Account” under account settings
  • Fill out the form and set up your profile

Free Content vs. Premium Content

You’ll notice a free content section under your Creator Profile. This is the content that will always be viewable to the user. Think of it like your teaser content. It shows the user what kind of premium content they can unlock in your profile. Successful creators choose great “attention grabbing” content for this portion of their profile.

What kind of content can I post?

As long as it’s safe for social media, then it’s safe to post. Since the app is published on the app stores (iOS & Android), the content has to adhere to their policies. No nudity or overly offensive content is allowed.